About Us

Our aim is to bring together people who love to travel , discover, share the experience of a trip with other real travelers, learn about the world, explore destinations unpublished in company.

We turn to private users and the service offered is completely free.

We do not come into direct contact with travelers, but we give them the chance to find the ideal spouse. We provide, in addition to a private messaging service that guarantees your privacy, a "Traveler Forum" that allows you to publish topics and information visible to all.

We remind all future subscribers to include as much information as possible about you and your travel plan (destination, dates, with whom to leave, the trips already made and previous experiences, the languages ​​spoken, information and ideas on the trip that is intended make).
We also remember the importance of entering its own photograph (to allow contact with other users of the site), a fundamental aspect for the community of cercocompagnidiviaggio.it.

GOOD TRIP to everyone.