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Remember that time you went on a trip and came back with no good photos? Well we have a solution for you. We change the way you will experience a destination. Think tastemakers curating the best trip of your life, all the while having a professional photographer documenting the whole trip. Leave your cameras at home, your phone at the hotel, and immerse yourself into the trip of a lifetime!

Show your route on a map in travel Diaries
Show your route on a map in travel Diaries

Our philosophy

Imagine you’re on vacation in Nicaragua. You leave all devices (phone, camera, selfie stick) in your room and spend the days surfing, shopping the craft markets, and feasting on shrimp tacos. Yet every morning, you wake up with the photos from the day before. You catching a wave. You on the prow of a catamaran. The whirl of colors that is a Nicaraguan craft market. That’s the idea behind Hintravel.

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We believe that candid and natural photographs are the best way to treasure our travel memories. Because photography can also be a passport to meeting new people, and living new experiences

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